Tama France: our first foreign branch

First of the four foreign branches of Tama Aernova, Tama France was founded almost twenty years ago, in 2002, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and precisely in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, not far from Lyon.

At the beginning, thanks to its small production workshop, Tama France aimed to satisfy the requests of a clientele essentially dedicated to dedusting in the wood sector. Therefore, what was being developed were solutions that could be applied to that specific sector, because they were studied on a precise need. However, over time, the French branch has evolved: thanks also to the technical support of the Italian parent company, it has quickly established itself on the transalpine market of well-rounded industrial dedusting.

Currently, following the merger of Tama S.p.A and Aernova Engineering S.r.l. occurred in 2016, the Tama Aernova France team has 15 collaborators, divided between the administrative and commercial offices, production, logistics and after-sales service. The branch mainly deals with the sale of products for industrial dedusting plants, after-sales assistance and the supply of spare parts. The establishment is also equipped with a modern carpentry, for the production of pipes and fittings, as well as some addictional small products.

In January 2020, to respond to a particular market demand, Tama Aernova France increased its production capacity by creating a new department dedicated to the production of stainless steel components, bringing its operating area to 2250 m2 and placing itself as the third production site within the Tama Aernova S.p.A. group.

Tama Aernova France, through a consolidated network of dealers, engineering companies and machine manufacturers, markets various products intended for industrial dedusting plants. These products are designed in particular for the following sectors:

Tama Aernova France follows the philosophy on which the entire Tama Aernova S.p.A. group is based: from conception to production, up to delivery and after-sales service, each product is marketed ensuring customers respect for their roles and commercial spaces, an excellent compromise between quality and price, a technical product that can also be custom designed and studied and, finally, punctual and rapid delivery times.

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