Machine tools

Oil mist is formed during processes that use lubricating oils or hydraulic oils typically within closed machine tools. These types of substances, initially liquid, nebulize forming fine dispersions in the air. The nebulization occurs due to the increase of temperature, as a consequence of contact with hot surfaces or strong friction phenomena. If the oil present in the vapor phase then hits colder areas, a consequent tendency to condensation is created. Therefore, condensation nuclei will form in the gaseous phase, which give rise to the mists. 

The filtration of oil mists occurs mainly in two ways and TAMA AERNOVA offers products for each of these:

  • mechanical principle with fiberglass cartridges that generate a coalescing effect. The products that take part of this group are HYPER-OIL, ANTARES M, EXPLORER M and AERMIST CAR. 
  • electrostatic principle with ionizing section cells and collecting section. In this products group there are ANTARES E, EPLORER E and modular filter AR.

Oil mist filtration systems can be completed with baghouse pre-filter and activated carbon post-filter to minimize smells.