Wet Dust Collector

TAMA AERNOVA wet dust collectors are wet filtration systems that take advantage of the properties of water to ensure high efficiency filtration and neutralize any sparks present.

With a view to optimizing resources and saving energy, water consumption is reduced to a minimum: it is necessary to replenish only the part that evaporates during the process.

They are suitable for the extraction of dust resulting from surface finishing processes, such as deburring, metal polishing and grinding.

How it works

The primary element of abatement and purification is water, with which the dusty air is mixed. The centrifugal force generates the separation of the heavier particles (sludge) that settle in the dross container. The special "droplet separator" retains any droplets of water carried by the purified air, before it leaves the filter.


Water consumption is minimized as only the part that evaporates during the process must be replenished.

The water with which the powder is mixed guarantees high efficiency filtration, neutralizing any sparks present.

Specific inspection doors allow easy maintenance of both the airlock and the filter bottom, where residual sludge can accumulate.

Standard equipment

  • Fan
  • Electric panel
  • Airlock
  • Drop separator
  • Damping bituminous paint on internal surfaces and powder finish on external surfaces

Optional equipment

  • Electrical resistors
  • Idromec

    The wet dust collector IDROMEC designed by TAMA AERNOVA is equipped with mechanical probes and it guarantees an excellent value for money.

    The water level of the IDROMEC wet filter is regulated by a minimum mechanical probe which provides an automatic replenishment, keeping water to an optimal level.

  • Idromix

    The wet dust collector IDROMIX designed by TAMA AERNOVA is equipped with with electrical measurement and control systems.

    The water level of the IDROMIX wet filter is regulated by two electric probes, while the pressure difference between the dirty air zone and the clean air zone is managed by the electrical panel and communicated via alarm system.