Processes generating odors

Almost all the compounds of organic origin and numerous of inorganic origin (SOV, VOC, solvents) can be filtrated by an adsorption process with activated carbon. The term "active" is used to indicate the coals that have undergone an activation treatment, which gives an exceptional porosity and, consequently, an adsorbent power. The nature of the pollutant is the characteristic that mainly influences the adsorption capacity of activated carbon: pollutants, according to their nature and chemical characteristics, can be highly adsorbent (ex: benzene, kerosene), adsorbent on average (ex: acetone, ethylene) or little adsorbent (ex: propane, ammonia).

Our products range for activated carbon includes AERCARBO (vertical carbon cartridges filter), CA (horizontal carbon cartridges filter) and MAXICARBO (equipped with 1 or more structure of vertical activated carbon placed inside the structure diamond shaped).