Baghouse Filter for High Temperatures

The baghouse filter for high temperature is a dry filtration system designed and manufacture by Tama Aernova to purify air from suspended solid particles. Its installation guarantees the air quality of the production environment and the protection of those who work there. The filter inlet consists of a pre-filtration chamber which recovers the coarsest dusts. The recovered material is discharged into a special bin installed under the hopper. The baghouse filter for high temperature is suitable for filtration of dust deriving from combustion processes and in general in the presence of high temperatures.


The baghouse filter for high temperature is manufactured and configured according to the type of use and according to the specific needs of the customer. The cleaning of the filtering elements is managed by reading the pressure drop, favoring a lower consumption of compressed air and a longer life of the bags. The pre-filtration chamber recovers the larger dust, safeguarding the bags from excessive loads of pollutant and guaranteeing a longer life. The filter is thermally insulated with rock wool and aluminum curtain walls, so as to avoid excessive heat exchange with the outside.  High temperature painting and suitable components allow it to be used up to 250 ° C. The filter is set up with a fire hose, spray nozzles and temperature probe. 

Standard equipment 

  • Pre-filtration chamber
  • Filtration chamber
  • Cleaning pneumatic system of the bags controlled by differential pressure switch
  • Support legs
  • Rock wool insulation
  • Coating and components for high temperatures
  • Fire prevention system set-up with tubes, nozzles and temperature probe

Optionals available

  • Ladder and walkway for bags extraction from the top
  • Tank cover
  • Control panel
  • Control panel cover
  • Deflector in hopper
  • Pressure regulator

  • Baghouse Filter Pulco Air HTV

    The baghouse filter Pulco Air HTV is an insulated filtration system with dirty air inlet in the pre-filtration chamber, coating and continuous dust discharge thanks to the rotary valve. It has coating and components for high temperatures and fire prevention system set-up.

    Additional equipment for the configuration 

    • Rotary valve for continuous discharge