Pocket Filter

The pocket filter designed and developed by Tama Aernova is a dry filtration system used to purify the air from suspended solid particles.


The installation of this pocket filter makes it possible to treat a wide range of pollutants and guarantees the quality of the air in the production environment and the protection of those who work there.

The pocket filter is characterized by good sturdiness, low pressure drop, high efficiency and economy, characteristics that make it suitable for use in various filtration systems, with low operating costs.

How it works

The flue gases and the pollutants present in it are conveyed to the filtering pockets passing from the outside to the inside, depositing the impurities outside the filtering elements. The pockets can be protected upstream by the arrival of the coarser particles with one or more pre-filtration sections and completed downstream with one or more active carbon post-filtration sections or with HEPA absolute filters.

  • Horizontal Pocket Filter TA

    The horizontal pocket filter TA consist of modular units that allows to meet every possible need in terms of the required air flow, as well as for any space constraints. The modularity of the filters TA develops horizontally or vertically, starting from the basic module of 2,000 m3 / h up to 48,000 m3 / h in the standard versions and beyond in those on request. [...]

  • Modular Pocket Filter AERMIST TA

    The modular pocket filter AERMIST TA has been developed by Tama Aernova for the separation of the oil from the suctioned air through the passage of the fluid through several separation stages and to be easily applied on machine tools and automatic processing lines. It is therefore suitable for the abatement of oil emulsions and integral oil. [...]