Thermal cutting

The use of laser, plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines during production processes entails an important dispersion of polluting particles in the air that must be absolutely controlled. The dust deriving from these processes is one of the thinnest and therefore dangerous for health in the workplace. These particles represent a risk due to their composition, concentration and the time of exposure to which the worker is subjected. If the work environment in which the machine is placed is without an adequate filtration system, all this is extremely dangerous.

Tama Aernova offers different kind of downdraft table on which it is placed the metal sheet during its production. These downdraft tables recover waste and larger metal dust in specific tanks. The dust left is transported in an air flow through the filter (usually horizontal cartridge filter), that completes the purification process. Our filters optimized to treat this dust are horizontal cartridges filters OPF and OPF-P also available in ATEX version. The system is often completed with other components, such as the spark-trap, that you can find in our products range.