Over-silo Baghouse Filter

The over-silo baghouse filter Pulco Air is a dry filtration system with dirty air entering directly in the filter structure, developed by Tama Aernova to purify air from suspended solid particles. 


Its installation makes it possible to treat a wide range of pollutants even in the presence of high temperatures and humidity, guaranteeing the quality of the air in the production environment and the protection of those who work there. The cleaning of the filtering elements is managed by reading the pressure drop, favouring a lower consumption of compressed air and a longer life of the bags.

How it works

Thanks to a transfer from outside to inside, the dusty air is conveyed to the filtering bags. In this way the impurities are deposited on the external part of the filtering elements and then decantied in the silo above which the filter is installed. Inside of the bags a jet of compressed air is cyclically injected (accumulated in a special tank), that creates a strong counter-current shaking wave so that particles deposited on the outside of the bags detach and precipitate. 

Standard equipment for all configurations

  • Filtration chamber
  • Maintenance door
  • Pneumatic bags cleaning system controlled by differential pressure switch

Optional equipment for all configurations

  • Tank cover
  • Electrical panel cover
  • Pressure regulator

The Pulco Air over-silo baghouse filter is modular in its main parts directly by the customer according to specific needs and type of use. The various configurations in the catalogue come from the combination of:

  • Access to the maintenance door and its location
  • Suitable for ATEX zone (in presence or not of components suitable for use in the presence of potentially explosive mixtures)