On-board oil mist collectors

The on-board filters of the ANTARES and EXPLORER lines represent the most modern and effective solution to the problems of suction and filtration of oil vapors and fumes coming from the use of coolants (emulsions and whole oils) used in all types CNC and machine tools in general. These filters are made of carbon steel sheet sealed and oven-painted. The "user interface" electronic reporting is made using LED technology. All models have an electronic board that manages the operation and interchange signals with the machine tool PLCs. 

The on-board filters are produced in the following versions:

  • Mechanics: with the main filter consisting of a fiberglass cartridge
  • Electrostatic: with the main filter consisting of two-dimensional electrostatic filters.


The on-board filters are designed by Tama Aernova according to the criteria of modern technology and they are aimed at the sectors of industry and craftsmanship that require easily installed suction and filtration systems, with small dimensions and great manageability and strength.


Mechanical version

The mechanical version is equipped with a droplet separator to prevent excessive ingress of nebulized oil into the filtering unit and a filtering cartridge with a pre-filtration mat wrapped around the outside of the cartridge. Versions with HEPA post-filtration are available. 

Electrostatic version

The electrostatic version is equipped with a droplet separator as the first input stage, metallic pre-filtration to uniformly diffuse the flow of the suctioned air, the electrostatic cell composed of ionizer and collector (TANDEM versions are available with double electrostatic cell) post filtration. All electrostatic versions are available with HEPA post-filtration.

Read the article "What are oily mists and how to reduce them" to learn more (link)

  • Antares

    The on-board filters ANTARES line have been designed to be applied vertically on the machine tool. A pre-drilled attachment flange allows the filter to be coupled directly to the machine tool.

  • Explorer

    The filters of EXPLORER line have been designed to be applied horizontally on or near the machine tool, supported by special uprights. They are equipped with an input sleeve of various diameters depending on the suction capacity, designed to house the flexible pipe. It is also possible to insert a pre-drilled flange for applications with rigid pipes.