Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is a filtration system that uses the contact of the air with the activated carbon to stop the Volatile Organic Substances. It is an adsorber filter that guarantees the quality of the air in the work environment and the reduction of smells generated by the V.O.C.

  • Aercarbo Activated Carbon Filter

    The AERCARBO activated carbon filter has been designed for the filtration of pollutants containing solvent dusts and vapors and particularly volatile pollutants. The AERCARBO unit consists of a structure of painted sheet panels and the cartridges containing about 48 kg of activated carbon allow a good level of adsorption. [...]

  • CA Activated Carbon Filter

    The CA activated carbon filter is designed for the filtration of pollutants containing Volatile Organic Substances with not high concentrations and for not particularly heavy applications. The units of this model have been conceived with a modular logic that allows to meet all the possible requirements in terms of capacity and possible space constraints. [...]

  • Maxicarbo Activated Carbon Filter

    The activated carbon filter MAXI CARBO is a type of activated carbon adsorber filter, ideal for the retention of effluents with high concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The filtering unit is characterized by a completely welded steel structure with 1 or 2 vertical beds of activated carbon. [...]

  • Modular Activated Carbon Filter

    The modular activated carbon filter is built and configured according to the type of use and according to the specific needs of the customer. The unloading hoppers, complete with manual shutters, allow the unloading of the coals, while the special outlets complete with plugs located in the upper part and accessible through ladders and parapets, facilitate the loading operations. [...]