Air Filter Components

  • Soundproofing box for extractor Fan

    The soundproof box manufactured by Tama Aernova is designed to achieve an effective softening of the noise of each type of fan. The structure of this box is composed of panels in galvanized sheet covered internally with sound-absorbing material. [...]

  • Rotary Airlock Valve

    The rotary valve is a component for the continuous discharge of granular or powdery products coming from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, filters, cyclones. The dusts coming from the filter hopper or from the screw, fall into the loading mouth of the valve, are conveyed, and subsequently unloaded in the lower part. [...]

  • Screw Conveyor for Cement & powder

    The screw conveyor is a special system for transporting and loading wood chips, with endless screw and containment space of the transported material, complete with gearmotor. [...]

  • Silos Extractor

    The silos extractor is a system that allows the extraction of wood chips from a storage silo. It consists of leaf springs to move the sawdust, a horizontal screw fixed to the floor of the silo and a rotary valve. [...]

  • Centrifugal Fan

    The centrifugal fan generates the necessary depression to allow the suctioned air to move through pipes, filters and machines. It is used in various industrial sectors, both in the field of ventilation and suction, pneumatic transport, mechanical fume drafting and air conditioning. [...]

  • HT Fan for High Temperatures

    The centrifugal fan HT generates the necessary depression to allow the suctioned air to move through filters, machines and pipes. This type of fan can be used in different industrial sectors, from ventilation and suction to pneumatic conveyor, air-conditioning and fumes forced draft. [...]

  • Spark Trap

    The spark trap is a component installed along the pipe that connects the polluting source with the filtering system. The spark trap, through a cyclonic effect, decant in a special collection bin any incandescent fragments carried by the suctioned gas. [...]