Downdraft table for plasma & thermal cutting

The downdraft tables designed and manufactured by Tama Aernova are incorporated in laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines and allow the support and processing of the sheet metal collecting fumes and dusts that are suctioned from the top to the bottom and its waste.

Each downdraft table is divided in sectors activated by the cutting machine, this fact allows concentrating the suction of fumes and dust only at the point in question. In this way, it is possible to reduce the required air flow and optimize consumption.

The support profiles of the plate-holding frames can be replaced individually, easily and quickly. 

The tanks are easily removed from the top, after lifting the plate-holding frame, without interfering with the external structure of the machine. This simplifying the emptying of waste. 

Each downdraft table manufactured by Tama Aernova is modular and combinable for each length and width in easily stackable and transportable elements. 

Standard equipment of every configuration 

  • Waste containment tanks  
  • Pneumatic cylinder for the activation of the suction doors
  • Rigid tube connections 
  • Pneumatical-activated valves
  • Downdraft Table MT

    The downdraft table MT is especially suitable for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines. This downdraft table can be easily levelled from the outside thanks to the adjustable feet and the connection among the modules, with clamping elements, is easy and fast. [...]

  • Downdraft Table WT

    The downdraft table WT is especially suitable for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines. This downdraft table is equipped with larger tanks and closer sectors allowing for an even more concentrated suction. [...]