Each welding method produces different amounts of fumes, containing different concentrations of dangerous substances. The fumes are generated by a thermal process that creates a group of particles suspended in the air and when it cools, the particles enter the worker's breathing zone. The particles size (0.01-1 μm) affects the toxicity of the fumes: the smallest particles are the most dangerous because they are easier to breathe deeply into the lungs. The quantity and type of welding fumes that are formed depend on welding parameters and the basic materials. Whatever the welding process used and whatever the industrial constraint, TAMA AERNOVA provides customer-specific solutions, allowing a coexistence between production needs and workers protection. 

Our products aimed to treat fumes and dusts by welding, divide themselves in products for fumes and dusts suction (such as downdraft tables WD and WDR and suctions arms) and products for filtration and purification of fumes (such as the cartridges filter WLD and the cylindrical cartridge filter for high pression suction). Our products range for this sector includes also the pick-up filtering units.