Modul Air, flexible, efficient and tailored accordingly to your needs.

Air Filtration follows your needs and becomes modular. We, Tama Aernova know it well, our customers increasingly ask us for fast and modular solutions, able to efficiently fulfil their expectations. Our answer is called Modul Air, the filtration system that adapts and grows with your business and offers the best quality/price ratio.

But what are the real advantages of the modular approach? Let's see them together.

Modular means expandable.

The flexible design and construction of the Modul Air range allows us, starting from a series of solutions in the catalogue, to configure the product starting from standard modules and components, adapting it perfectly to the filtration needs of the most varied industrial sectors. If your business grows, the filtration system grows with you because Modul Air is also designed to accompany you in the development of your business

Modular means compact.

Thanks to the horizontal positioning of the filter cartridges and the descending flow of the air, we are able to offer a different filtration system that combines the efficiency of vertical filter systems with a new design idea of using the internal space. This translates into filtration systems that adapt perfectly to smaller environments, leaving more space for your work. In the Modul Air system the air flow enters the collector from above and conveys the impurities by falling towards the hopper housed at the base. This solution reduces internal turbulence making automatic filter cleaning more efficient. In the long term, this translates into a reduction in scheduled maintenance interventions and therefore in a containment of operating costs

Modular means silent.

In Modul Air filtration solutions the compressed air tank and the injectors for automatic cleaning of the filter cartridges are housed inside. This design choice allows a considerable reduction in noise, increasing the livability of the work environments and is especially suitable for indoor solutions.

Modular means safe.

Safety at work is the first form of prevention of accidents and working injuries. Thanks to the horizontal positioning of the cartridges, maintenance and replacement are processes that can be performed while keeping the operator in a clean and safe area.

Modular means ATEX.

Modul Air also suits perfectly in processes with powders capable of creating potentially explosive atmospheres. With its breaking panels placed in the upper part and facing upwards, it clears the safety spaces at ground level by venting any explosive shock wave upwards. All Tama Aernova products are suitable for ATEX Zones.

Modul Air is the ideal solution in terms of modularity and configurability. Tama Aernova to best meet the filtration needs of its customers has thought of a solution ready for delivery. Once the system specifications have been defined and the customer's needs verified, we are able to guarantee delivery in a short time, also guaranteeing assistance and advice in both installation and after-sales service.

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