HT Fan for High Temperatures

The centrifugal fan HT generates the necessary depression to allow the suctioned air to move through filters, machines and pipes. This type of fan can be used in different industrial sectors, from ventilation and suction to pneumatic conveyor, air-conditioning and fumes forced draft. It is suitable for the suction of gaseous flow with high temperature.   


The fan HT is characterized by great versatility, that allows its use in the most varied conditions. Moreover, thanks to the construction in painted steel sheet, durability over time is guaranteed. The motor is complete with servo-ventilation so that it can be managed by an inverter. The fan is completely insulated and its painting is suitable for use at high temperatures. 

Standard equipment 

  • Insulation
  • Servo-ventilated engine for use and manage by inverter
  • Insulated inspection door
  • Coating for high temperature
  • Condensation top discharge