Social Impact Index: Tama Aernova awarded in Florence

Social Impact Index: Tama Aernova awarded in Florence during the 3rd annual forum of Italian medium-sized companies

We are among the three companies awarded by Fabbrica per l’Eccellenza for the Social Impact Index (SII), the index that analyses suppliers, internal and external resources, processes, products and customers to evaluate how much they are connected with the territory producing more or less social value

Study data, carried out by Centro Studi CdO in collaboration with Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice on a sample of medium-sized companies of Fabbrica dell’Eccellenza group, have been presented during the 3rd annual forum of Medium-sized Italian Company, organized on the 22nd of November 2019 at the cenaculum of Santa Croce in Florence.

The social impact index is a gauge that Fabbrica per l’Eccellenza provides for all the companies and politicians to concretize how much every element of the industry is producing social value.

The index explanation criteria

The Social Impact Index arises from a research by Università Ca’ Foscari on a sample of Italian medium-sized companies. “This analysis – says Carlo Bagnoli, full professor of strategic innovation – showed that in Italy there is a social value heritage coming from a significant business fabric. The interviews and data processing revealed a group of companies scattered all over our peninsula that every day produce value and distribute it around the territory: social impact is generated by the new definition of business model, financial and economic strategies and the organisational one, regarding social strategic innovation. Expert examples emerged, however there is still much to be done to explain to companies the importance of social responsibility as a great strategic opportunity.”

The final report with the results about social impact measurement will be delivered in the coming weeks to institutional, banking and financial stakeholders. At the same time, it will be shared to the participants of the Economy of Francesco event, promoted in by the Pope in the city of Assisi to reflect and propose new construction models of social and economic capital.