A school of thought by Tama Aernova

Source: trentinoindustriale.com | FEB. - MAR. 2019

The corporate social responsibility flows into the DNA of the head company in the planning and creation of eco-friendly air filtration systems. Corporate social responsibility as a compass needle, moral obligation and common denominator of every business activities: this is Tama Aernova DNA. It is not just doing business, but a school of thought. Giovanni Coletti, chairperson and founder of the company, affirms that the biggest ambition is to leave a germ to contribute spreading this way of thinking, hoping that the commitment in solidarity activities for disabled people becomes a state of mind of the local entrepreneurship.

Coletti founded the company in his garage in 1985. Today, he employs more or less 500 people. A world grown around the figure of Coletti, where the turnover is not the only thing that counts.

Giovanni Coletti is renowned in and out Trentino to have established Casa Sebastiano in Coredo, Valle di Non (Non Valley). It is a structure for autistic children without equal in Italy, and it is well-known as an excellence centre throughout Europe. “Sometimes, chasing dreams lead to their fulfilment”, asserts Giovanni. At Casa Sebastiano, trained healthcare professionals, specialist psychologists and educators carry out individual and parental therapy and they also assume the responsibility for kids. This building opened in 2017, and many people from Italy and from abroad came to visit it. In two years, there were over 2.700 visits. These visitors are managers, mayors, politicians, researchers, health authority executive directors, public figures and celebrities committed in international solidarity projects. Even Pope Francis wrote to Coletti after reading his story.

Casa Sebastiano is not just this thing, it is the tip of the iceberg. All around there is more, both as regards the management of the structure based in Coredo and as regards the other activities of Tama Aernova. Coletti created a network of companies and enterprises committed in the social work on different levels. As regards the led companies, Tama Aernova is the summit of different companies, included the foreign sisters: Tama France Sarl, Tama Iberica SL, Tama Brasil Ltda and Tama Entstaubungstechnik Gmbh (Germany).

As regards Casa Sbastiano, the structure is included in a branched and differential framework. In 2010 the Fondazione Trentina per l’Autismo Onlus was founded, supported by 30 companies. It includes a scientific Committee that gathers nationally renowned specialists, such as the spokeswoman for autism of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, that give international reliability and prestige to the Onlus. In order to manage Casa Sebastiano, two cooperatives have been established. The first, Autismo Trentino Cooperative, employs 25 people that deal with kids from 16 years old and over, who are at the day centre at Casa Sebastiano. The other, Albero Blu Cooperative, employs 15 people dealing with kids from 0 to 16 years old, that are conducting psychoeducational treatments, speech therapy, music therapy, psychomotor education, cognitive and neuropsychological development.

Next to these cooperatives, there is a third organization called Social-NOS, which aim is to find employment for those people who have lost their job. In some cases, there is the possibility to place those young people who completed recovery therapy at Casa Sebastiano, in order to start an approach to employment. Giovanni Coletti ends saying that in this way, companies can be present in the local area. A type of solidarity thought and a world view: not just a way for doing business.