Cartridge dust collector with dirty air inlet in the pre-chamber, collection bin

The Kompac Air CSB cartridge dust collector is a dry filtration system used to purify the air from suspended solid particles. Its installation allows treatment of a vast range of pollutants. Filter input is composed of a pre-chamber, which recovers the bigger powder particles. The recovered material is unloaded in a specific bin installed under the hopper.

The cartridge dust collector is composed and configured based on the type of use and the specific requirements of the client. Cleaning of the filtering elements is managed by reading the pressure drop, granting less compressed air consumption and greater life of cartridges. The pre-chamber recovers the biggest powder particles, safeguarding the cartridges from excess loads of pollutants and guaranteeing longer duration. The Kompac Air CSB cartridge dust collector provides the best technical solution in case of high powder concentrations. Its equipped with a high level filtering surface, and a compact design.

Standard equipment

  • filtration chamber
  • hopper with support legs
  • inspection door/s
  • pneumatic system to clean the cartridges controlled by the differential pressure gauge
  • pre-chamber
  • collection bin

Optionals available

  • ladder and walkway
  • tank cover
  • control unit cover
  • pressure damper
  • sound-proof box with fan