Ribbed Venting Panels

Non-closable venting panel that with a pressing break opens itself letting the area completely free. The opening takes place thanks to the carvings breakage and relative “extraction” of the panel from its gasket. The plastic hinge guarantees that the panel remains opened without any projection of panel or counter-frame parts. This type of safety device is intended for protection from possible explosions, caused by a sudden pressure increase of equipments containing air/dust mixtures or gas/air potentially explosive mixtures such as silos, separator filters, bucket elevators, sieves, mixers, tanks, canals and pipelines, dust collectors, dryers, etc. All panels are breaking and safety devices and have been certified in accordance with UNI EN 14797: 2007.

Opening efficiency:

Ratio between the relief and the total area.

Relief area:

Area of the supposed venting device which is free from inertia. It shows the same effects of pressure reduction of the real device.

Kst [bar•m•s-1]:

Dust specific parameter. It marks out the dust explosion degree and it is calculated according to the cubic law. It is identical with the value of the maximum increase speed of the maximum dust explosion pressure (dp/dt), measured in a 1 m3 box under specified test conditions.

Kg [bar•m•s-1]:

Maximum speed of increase of pressure of explosion of gas (dp/dt) max in a volume of 1 m3 under specified test conditions.

Pmax [bar]:

Max pressure in a closed box during the explosion of dust/air explosive atmosphere, determined under specified test conditions.

Pred, max [bar]:

Value of the structure strenght threshold. Outside frame

Realized in coated carbon steel. It is used for fixing venting panel to the support framework

Back pressure frame

Realized in coated carbon steel, it supplies an appropriate support to the venting panel, preventing its activation during the normal depression functioning in.

With the back pressure frame, the maximum under pressure resistance in the working period can be < -="" 0,05="" bar.="">

The relief area will be reduced of the space of the frame.

Survey opening device

The survey opening device is supplied with a fork inductive sensor certified Atex II 1GD.

This sensor observes the presence or not of a metallic flap inside the fork. The metallic flap is directly obtained by the contour panel.

In this way, any type of venting panel sinking can be noticed by the sensor.

The survey opening device:

  • can be applied to all venting panels;
  • can be interfaced with the monitoring and control systems;
  • notices any change/variation, not only in case of explosion but also in case of opening.