The new ELECTROSTATIC FILTER ESP is designed and constructed in modular units to be adopted for biomass boilers with a potential of up to 1,5 MW. The application of the electrostatic filtration to the combustion system is the definitive solution to the problem of the emissions of fine particles.

• Robust housing made of bended 304 stainless steel sheet
• Suitable for a floor installation
• Consists of modular units joined together by means of mechanical coupling and silicone gaskets resistant to high temperatures up to 230-250° C
• Designed in function of the plant capacities which it is destined
• Equipped with a PLC that manages all the functions of the filter and performs the control
• Equipped with sensors that allow the automatic function through the AMS (automatic monitor system)

Filtration system composed by:
• Air inlet channel
• Filtered air expulsion channel
• Dampers system for the exclusion of the filtration sections
• Central body where it is mounted the electrostatic filtration system
• Mechanical cleaning system of the collecting pipes
• Lower hopper equipped with a horizontal screw conveyor for the transportation of the filtered dust
• Inclined hopper for the dust evacuation
• Filtered dust collecting bin