The liquid and powder coatings in the workplace

In the powder coating sector, a fundamental distinction must be made between two main methods: in fact, we have wet paint and power coating.

Powder coating, compared to the more traditional wet paint, releases minimal quantities of Volatile Organic Components (VOC) that represent a serious problem if they are released indoor, such as a factory.

SOVs in fact represent a danger to the health of workers and can cause serious damages, depending on the time of exposure and the concentration of these substances in the air. Prolonged exposure to VOCs leads to respiratory diseases, cancer and nervous system issues.

For the reduced release of VOCs this painting method represents, without any doubt, the best solution to to guarantee not only clean air inside the production areas, but also and above all the health of the workers who are involved in the work process. Powder coating is considered a "green technology", suitable for use even in closed working environments.

However, the industrial facilities must adopt suction and powder filtration systems, to eliminate excess dust but also inlet the purified air to the workplace, without installing ducts to direct air outside.

Another positive aspect, thanks to the use of the right suction and filter systems, lies in the possibility to recover the surplus powder, that during the filtration process is separated and collected thanks to a special sieve. The recovered dust can then be reused, in order to reduce wastefulness.

Tama Aernova offers innovative systems for the suction and filtration of dust resulting from powder coating. Our products allow to filter but also to recover powder, while purifying the air in the workplace at the same time.

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