Our production site in Piemonte uses only sustainable energy!

More and more people talk about “sustainable energy” that is aimed to the environmental protection and investments in this type of energy. Many companies, and not only, are opting for a radical change, trying to use and invest in green energy, called "green" because its production greatly reduces the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This choice was also taken by T.A.M.A. AERNOVA S.p.A. in its production site in Roletto (TO) by building a large plant of photovoltaic panels with a power of about 460 kW that allows the company to produce enough energy for itself and more!

The plant consists of 1960 panels for a total surface of 3250 sqm, with an annual productivity of about 525,000 kWh. This plant avoids the emission of 0.7 tons of carbon dioxide per day (275 tons per year!!).

The structures for the support of the plant were built internally using resources and skills of our company. The surplus energy and therefore the quantity that would not be used for the operation of the company, allows us to provide clean energy for the other local users.

In addition, the advantages of photovoltaics are numerous, both from the environmental aspects as it produces clean and renewable energy and from the economic one where it can bring significant savings and even gains.

“Our goal?
Sustainability and Environmental Protection,
two fundamental aspects in respect of what we produce.”