Energy independence: a priority for businesses.

We have always believed that it was our business ethics’ duty to introduce renewable energies into our production cycle. Strengthened by the certainties aiming to a lower impact on the environment, we have implemented a solution to reduce our CO2 footprint by relying on photovoltaics.

This choice has made our headquarters in Roletto (in the Piemonte region) totally self-sufficient with respect to the procurement of electricity and even able to feed the local electricity grid with the surplus produced, thus providing clean energy to many users in the area. The 460 kW plant consists of 1.960 panels with an area of ​​3.250 square meters capable of producing 525,000 kWh per year, saving the environment from 275 tons of Co2 emission into the atmosphere. We are a company that has environmental protection in its DNA: our core business is, in fact, to return clean air to the atmosphere, purifying it from all harmful fumes resulting from industrial processes.

Therefore, it seemed natural for us to choose to feed our work with the renewable energy provided by the sun. Our intuition has turned out to be even more important today, considering the current energy crisis that is biting the economy. Unfortunately, many of the most energy-intensive companies have already shut down and many others will, victims first of the speculation on fossil fuels and then of the war economy phase we have entered. The green transition, today more than ever, becomes a priority.

Reducing energy dependency is strategic both for businesses and for the entire country. Even if the conflict in Ukraine marks a temporary setback, in the medium and long term it could prove to be a strong incentive for the near future. We continue to believe in this, and we are working to bring also the Mollaro plant, located in Trentino, towards carbon neutrality and energy independency. It is right to underline, though, that our office in Trentino is plugged into the distribution network of the hydroelectric plant of Santa Giustina, ranking the company among those that already exploit renewable energies.

We are certainly not the first ones, since other companies before us have made this choice, but we like the idea of ​​being part of a critical mass that pushes for change.