wet filtration system

The Idromix wet filter unit is a wet filtration system used to purify the air of suspended solid particles. Installation guarantees the quality of the air in the production environment and the protection of workers. It is suitable to extract powder generated by grinding and sanding operations.

The primary purification stage is composed of water, with which the dusty air is mixed. The centrifugal force generates separation of the heavier particles (sludge) that pours into the collection tank. The specific "droplet separator" separates the outbound air from any water droplets transported by the purified area. The water level is adjusted by a electric probe which when a low water level is detected, automatically re-integrates the water to the optimal level. Water consumption is reduced to the minimum since only the part that evaporates during the process is re-integrated. Specific inspection doors enable easy maintenance on the bottom of the filter, where residual sludge could easily accumulate, as well as the bubbler. The electric box manages the difference pressure between the dirty air zone and the clean air zone with maximum and minimum alarms. The minimum alarm signals the need to top-up the water in the dust collector to avoid the increase in the dusty emission. The maximum alarm instead signals the excess clogging of the bubbler due to residues.

Standard equipment

  • water level adjustment with level probes
  • bubbler
  • droplet separator
  • fan
  • anti-noise bituminous paint on internal surfaces and powder finish on external surface

Optionals available

  • sludge withdrawal for recovered sludge unloading
  • electric resistance