Silos for powder storage

The silos is the right solution in processes where there is the need to store considerable amounts of accumulated chips, combined with a high air filtration capacity.

The silos is constructed with using modular, pre-fabricated panels in galvanised steel. The robustness of the panels used and the exact size of the structure enable to increase the diameters and heights of the silos up to considerable containment volumes, from 25 m3 to 150 m3 and beyond on request. The silos is composed of an upper part in which the filtration chamber is located and a lower part that is used as a container. Bags are cleaned by emptying them using micro-vibrators. The silos is anchored to the ground with a U profile on the base. The silos is composed of:

  • a cover with a railing
  • an access door to the filtration chamber and chip storage
  • explosion-proof door
  • plexiglas for level control
  • an outside ladder with protection
  • arranged for input and output air.

Standard equipment

  • fire-proof system
  • bag filters
  • ladder and railing to access the roof
  • railing to access through the inspection door to the filtration chamber

Optionals available

  • extractor with screw conveyor and rotary valve