Val di Non & Sole Off-road Cycling School



TAMA is proud to support the Val di Non & Sole off-road cycling School, the association with recreational and cultural purposes related to the world of sport and cycling.

Val di Non & Sole Off-road Cycling School was founded with the goal of promoting an approach to sport as an occasion for fun, prevention and mental well-being of the individual

The basis of the success of this association is the idea of "sport for everybody", that wants to keep separate sport from competition.

In particular, sport is considered as:
  • a right of all citizens
  • a socially useful phenomenon
  • a resource for relationship and social integration
  • taking care of disability, combating social exclusion and search for peaceful forms of integration.

The Val di Non & Sole Off-road Cycling School is a reference point in two very important fields: in promoting the integration of people with disabilities and in collaborating with voluntary and charity association.

There are many initiatives proposed by the association, including:
  • “Playing with your bike”
  • “Sport for everybody – Nobody is offside” that gave the opportunity to practice sport also to those special people, that because of their physical or mental condition, often are marginalized;
  • “Behind the bike…the infinite”
  • “MTB for women and equal opportunities”
The Val di Non & Sole Off-road Cycling School cooperates and participates actively in the organization of entertainment for children at events of solidarity and charity carried out in different places of the Valley.

TAMA supports the association because it shares the principles and purposes.