Sci Club Anaune



The Sci Club Anaune of Cles (Trento) is a sport association that, from more than 100 years, is committed in promoting alpine skiing in Val di Non and in spreading the ski activities at various levels.

They offer different kind of courses depending on the age:
  • “Ski Bimbo” course for children from 4 to 7 years old, on the slopes of Predaia, with the purpose of bring children to the world of skiing, having fun and enhancing socialization and psychomotor growth;
  • agonistic activity for children aged 8 to 16 years, (baby, puppies, children, junior and young categories) that takes place with 3 workouts per week all over the ski area of Val di Non and Sole during the winter season;
  • summer and Autumn workouts on the glacier, where about 40 boys are engaged, followed by specialized professionals.
  • athletic training in the gym both during the ski season and the summer months;
  • training initiatives for parents with the presence of doctors and experts about psychological aspects, proper nutrition, and more generally on the health of athletes.

For more information and to be constantly updated on the activities of the Sci Club Anaune follow the association on Sci Club Anaune facebook page.