Dal Barba Restaurant


The “Dal Barba” Restaurant is a multifunctional centre, where different realities find place.
a multi-purpose center, where there are different realities: restaurant to entertainment, from training to personal care.
The purpose is to give attention to people with disabilities, too often forgotten or relegated to the margins of social life.

In “Dal Barba” Restaurant, run by “ La Ruota” cooperative, young disabled people become protagonists and active members engaged in the management of the structure in Villa Lagarina.

La Ruota while starting up the “no differeces” management of the restaurant, had the idea to form the “Barba Band”: a real music band, of about fifteen elements. The “Barba Band” wants to e a band in which everyone, without differences and distinction, can express itself and develop its potential. The “Barba Band” has its debut on the 28th of September 2014, right in “Dal Barba” Restaurant.

The “Dal Barba” Restaurant receives support from TAMA for his efforts in the management of the restaurant with the help of a group of disabled young people.

TAMA confirms its interest in projects and services for social issues and in particular to those of disability.

For more information: www.laruota.coop