Philosophy and our values

The continuous research, the reliability, the sharing of objectives, the strong partnerships with customers and suppliers and the harmony of a team that combines passion, knowledge and scientific rigor are central to the philosophy of TAMA AERNOVA.

A philosophy, which combines quality and manufacturing excellence with a set of values and principles to be followed in matters of environmental sensitivity, quality of life, research and development.

The company offers treatment systems for emissions that are effective in performance and minimize the environmental impacts, with the intent to ensure full satisfaction of its Customers and therefore strengthen the competitive position reached.
The management encourages innovation and continuous improvement of quality standards of products and services through the adoption of innovative techniques in the design, the selection and use of high quality materials, the process improvement, the maintenance and development of staff skills.

In line with its values, TAMA AERNOVA aims at satisfying the needs and expectations of stakeholders, who have been identified in:

To achieve these objectives the Direction of TAMA AERNOVA supports and maintains an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety that is planned and systematically applied in order to:
  • identify and evaluate the significance of the risks related to its activities, products and services;
  • implement all the necessary actions to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified;
  • comply with applicable legislation, contracts and other regulations voluntarily subscribed with stakeholders;
  • monitor the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders;
  • continuously improve performance inherent in the quality of products and services and the quality of processes and organization;
  • continually improve the performance related to environmental management and health and safety of individuals.

In favor of the local community, the company is committed to:
  • maintain and, if possible, increasing employment levels, consistent with the financial viability of the company;
  • promote and support initiatives to develop and maintain social cohesion of the territory.

In line with the ethical values that inspire, TAMA AERNOVA has adopted a Model of organization, management and control pursuant to ex Legislative Decree 231/01 to prevent the commission of offenses that may result in the administrative responsibility of the company.