The “Maxi-Carbo” activated carbon filter is designed for treating effluents with high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The filtering unit is characterised by a completely welded steel structure equipped with one or two vertical beds of active carbon. Carbon is loaded from above through a door, while the depleted carbon is unloaded from below through a slide gate. The particular geometrical shape permits easier and faster operation of charging and discharging of the active carbon.

Operating principle
The “Maxi-Carbo” activated carbon filter is suited with one or two vertical carbon beds. The air flow mixed to VOC passes through the vertical carbon bed located inside the “diamond-shape” structure. Thanks to the optimized contact time the vertical carbon bed absorbs the VOC released from the air flow. The filter is not equipped with pre-filtration and therefore any possible solid particles in the air must be treated beforehand with other filtration systems.