Compose your customised baghouse dust collector

The Pulco Air baghouse filter is a dry filtration system used to purify air from suspended solid particles. The Pulco Air baghouse filter is composed of press-formed and powder painted steel panels and is equipped with an automatic cleaning system with "Pulse Jet" compressed air. The baghouse filter is also available in an ATEX version.

The modular Pulco Air baghouse filter is composed and configured on the base of the use and the specific requirements of the client. The modular Pulco Air baghouse filterallows you to choose the various geometric configurations and also the type of bags. Pulco Air is suitable to be used in a vast range of applications for low, medium and high air flows, also in the event of high temperatures and humidity. The Pulse Jet Cleaning System is managed by a PLC with a sensor that reads the pressure drop of the filtering elements encouraging minor compressed air consumption and greater duration of the bags.

Modular parts

  • filtration chamber
  • hopper with support legs
  • pneumatic system to clean the baghouses controlled by the differential pressure switch
  • inspection door/s in hopper
  • explosion-proof panels for explosion vent (if ATEX filter is used)
  • parts suitable for ATEX zone (if ATEX filter is used)
  • ladder and walkway
  • ladder and railings for extraction of bags from above
  • screw conveyor and/or rotary valve for continuous unloading.
  • anti-static bags (if ATEX filter is used)
  • sound-proof box with fan

Optionals available

  • control panel
  • tank cover
  • control panel cover
  • deflector in hopper
  • pressure regulator