Component to continuously unload the products in granules and powder

The rotary valve is a component to continuously unload the granular or powder products from the silos, hoppers, pneumatic transport systems, filters and cyclones. The powder coming from the filter hopper or the auger fall in the unloading outlet of the valve, are moved and then unloaded in the lower part.

The rotary valve was designed according to general and global application criteria. The internal rotor turns to enable continuous unloading of the two different pressure environments. Its constructions is robust and compact, access to the internal mechanical parts are easy and fast.

Standard equipment

  • casing, flange and rotor in cast iron
  • gearmotor

Optionals available

  • casing, flange and rotor in AISI cast iron
  • harmonious steel blades
  • vulkolan blades
  • chromium casing
  • ATEX version


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